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Triumph TR8 works Pierberg inlet manifold and throttle bodies.

Please e-mail for further information.

New Front Cover £425.00
This new front cover will replace the older SD1 and P6 type covers with the distributor drive oil pump.

The oil pump is now driven by the crankshaft, (instead of by the distributor) as with the serpentine covers, giving increased oil pressure and flow.

There is provision to fit a distributor in the cover.

The crankshaft keyway must be the long type.

Original SD1 & P6 water pumps can be used.

Most types of crank damper can be used.

Please contact us for more details.

This can be supplied as a complete kit with Crank damper, water pump, alternator and bracket with a c poly vee 6 rib pulleys and belt. £ POA


Dakar Large Bore Cast Iron Manifolds

with mating flanges now back in stock POA


Replacement hard anodised alloy water pump pulley P6/MGB V8 £68.00

Crossover Manifold £
Crossover manifold specifically designed for installations with low bonnet lines, eg. Westfield, Morgan, Caterham,etc, but works well on any installation. Provides improved airflow across the rev range of the engine. Cast in alloy and comes with throttle bodies, fuel rails and carbon fibre air boxes.Injectors not included.
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